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NWS Marine Status 

High Surf Advisory N & W shores


NWS - Dry conditions with light winds will prevail until Sunday. A weak front will spread down the island chain from Sunday into Monday. Another, much stronger, front has the potential to bring widespread rain to most of the state around the middle of next week




Hawaii Surf News Daily Forecast

Saturdays Forecast: Winter surf prevails from a strong NW direction, allowing the swell energy spectrum to permeate into the WNW - NNW compass window @ 16 seconds. The appropriate advisories are in place for these large swells rolling through the island chain....Light winds are offering epic conditions, notably for the morning and late day sessions....pau

Windward shores - There is some E windswell from far upstream source pushing into many windward breaks providing some fun size surf, so get on it.

South shores - Leeward will have the wrap effect from the WNW  - NW influence. Small, but worth it.

Leeward shores - Kona - S.Kohala may have peaked overnight, but will still be going today. Enjoy the weekend crowd effect.

North shores -The NNW energy wrapping into many spots.


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